Best Ballet Clothes For Toddlers Perfect For Your Daughter

Your mom most likely dressed you up with the best ballet clothes for toddlers when you were a kid and has a photo of it lying around somewhere. Your hair in a bun and your tutu that make you look like a princess and your ballet shoes completing your look.  Now it is your turn to do the same thing!

You have enrolled your daughter in the best ballet class in town – check. Of course, you make sure that it is the best time of the day for you to squeeze in your work out – check. Do you have to buy the perfect outfits for her ballet class – no check? We know it’s hard to choose when there’s so much cuteness going on! So we’ve prepared a list for you of the most perfect ballet clothes for toddlers around. She is this young and cute only once so make the most out of it. Treat every class like its recital day!

Ballet Clothes for Toddlers


Underneath every adorable costume are basic tights to serve as a template for every outfit. You will need the sturdiest ones since these are the ones that are worn frequently.

Clementine Apparel Little Girl’s Leotard

$7.14 – $19.99

White looks good on everyone and this one is a perfect basic option. It is a one piece, sleeveless bodysuit that would complement pastel colors because of its neutral white color. If you want darker hues as a base color, there are other colors to choose from.

You are sure this will stay comfortable throughout their lessons since it is made out of a combination of cotton and spandex. It is sleeveless so it is very breathable even through hours of continuous movement. It is very easy to style because of its simple cuts and design. Get the Clementine Apparel Little Girl’s Leotard now so you can start working on the cuter stuff!

Magic Town Tank Top Sleeveless Leotard

$3.99 – $8.99

Bring home the magic! It is the perfect basic outfit underneath your daughter’s tutu with the more structured yet plain design of this sleeveless leotard. Albeit sleeveless, it has a very conservative design appropriate for children.  It comes in black, pink, rose, blue, purple and red so your daughter will have a lot to choose from depending on her mood that day.

It is one of the best ballet clothes for toddlers since it is made out of 90% cotton and 10% spandex making it lightweight but still very stretchy.  This is perfect if your daughter is involved in sports or gymnastics! Get all colors of the Magic Town Tank Top Sleeveless Leotard now.

Capezio Girls’ Team Basics Leotard

$8.44 – $36.70

Preparation for a little bit of cold is important too.  However, some ballet clothes for toddlers have a thin fabric. Some ballet studios can get very cold when they have the AC on. This long sleeve leotard gives her some level of warmth but still allows her to move freely. It is 90% nylon and 10% spandex so it is perfect for those long arm stretches ballerinas often do!

The Capezio Basics Leotard is also sleekly designed with a full front coverage so bending will not be a problem. It has a ballet leg line perfect for her leggings or tights. It can be machine washed so your hands will not suffer! You can have the Capezio Girls’ Team Basics Leotard in 11 colors.

Capezio Hold and Stretch Footed Tight

$4.54 – $30.93

You daughter’s ballet outfit will not be complete without her ever trusted leggings. Thin enough to allow her a wide range of movement but thick enough so exposing her legs will not happen.  88% nylon and 12% spandex s makes up this tight so you are sure that it will not tear when your daughter does the splits. Your toddler deserves the best quality of fabric.

The common problem when wearing tights is the garter falling below the waistline. This can distract your toddler and make her lose her focus on dancing. It is supposed to stay throughout your daughter’s performance since it has a one-inch waistband. Get the Capezio Hold and Stretch Footed Tight now.

They also have footless tights and transition tights that are footed or footless. They also have stirrup tights that only cover the middle part of the feet but has an opening on the heel and toes. Check them here.

MdnMd Girls’ Skirted Camisole Leotard

$6.89 – $16.89

If your daughter is not a fan of too much flair on her outfit, this camisole leotard is perfect. It is made out of 92% cotton and 8% spandex which make it perfect for all day rehearsals. The short, layered skirt will look absolutely adorable on your daughter.

The criss-cross of the straps at the back is a very practical strap design. It secures the dress in place and avoid strap from falling off your toddlers’ shoulders. Always opt for well-designed ballet clothes for toddlers because we know how they move a lot.

The MdnMd Girls’ Skirted Camisole Leotard comes in four lovely colors. Get all of them so your daughter can live her ballerina dreams every day!

Tutus (Ballet Skirts)

No ballet clothes for toddlers will be complete without tutus! It is every girl’s rite of passage into the ballet world when she gets to wear an adorable tutu. Check out these tutus and find which the perfect one for your little angel is.

My Lello Tulle Tutu Skirt


The common fabric they use for tutus to make them appear puffier is tulle. When your daughter reaches a more advanced level in ballet, they will only wear simple ballet skirts. Make the most out of her age and dress her up in this tulle tutu skirt. Regular tutus only have 3 – 5 layers but this one has 10! That is extra bouncy and fluffy!

This is perfect for ballet but can also be used for different occasions such as photo shoots, fairy costumes or for parties! The fabric will not irritate your daughter if she has sensitive skin. The My Lello Tulle Tutu Skirt comes in 19 colors. Your daughter can wear it every day!

Hairbows Unlimited Girls Dance Tutu Skirt

$7.95 – $12.95

This tutu skirt has three layers of polyester tulle which allows easier movement for your daughter. It is at its adequate length at 11 inches long. Satin wraps the garter so there will be no garter marks. It stretches from 16 inches to 28 inches so she will be able to use it for years to come.

This is perfect for her ballet recital since it comes in 12 vivid colors. Add color to your life and get the Hairbows Unlimited Girls Dance Tutu Skirt now.

GoFriend Tutu Skirt

$11.99 – $12.99

Why get plain ones when you can have a tutu skirt that has pompoms in them? Whoever thought of this design knows ballet clothes for toddlers really well. This is perfect for that final dance recital or whenever your daughter just wants to be cute for the day.

Polyester and yarn are the main textile for the tutu. It has four layers of tulle for that extra puffiness and a layer or cotton fabric to ensure that it will not irritate your toddler’s skin. It has five color combinations so your daughter can wear one from Monday to Friday! Get the GoFriend Tutu Skirt now and stand out from the crowd.

Costume Sets

Why do unicorns hook toddlers so much? It’s a good thing these unicorns are not real because they will not request for puppies anymore but unicorns! Check these sets of ballet clothes for toddlers perfect for a dance recital of one big My Little Pony fan.

Loveyal Little Girls Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirts with Unicorn Horn Headband

$16.59 – $16.99

This set of ballet clothes for toddlers will have your daughter love you for the rest of your life. This set already has an adorable tutu and has a matching unicorn headband so your toddler can live her best unicorn life. The skirt has satin borders for a more feminine design and layered tulle. Sizes vary and can fit little girls up to 8 years old.  You can gift one to your sister or best friend so your daughters will now be matching!

The Loveyal Little Girls Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirts with Unicorn Horn Headband is perfect for your daughter’s major role during her recital but can also be used on Halloween! We don’t think she’ll be taking it off anyway. It comes in five beautiful color combinations.

Dreamdanceworks Fairy Monarch Princess Costume Set


This is a whole lot more affordable but you still get more than what you paid for. Your daughter will that you endlessly if you get this for her. This set has a headdress, a fluffy tutu skirt, a wand, and wings! They also have unicorn sets but instead of wings, they include a bracelet and necklace. We all know unicorns don’t fly.

The Dreamdanceworks Fairy Monarch Princess Costume Set comes in 16 combinations. Get one now!

Ballet Shoes

Ballet clothes for toddlers will not be complete without having sturdy ballet shoes! It has to be durable but needs to be adorable too. Check out these cute little ballet shoes and you’re ready to check out afterwards!

Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe 

$13.99 – $22.61

The Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe has a lot of positive reviews so they must be doing something right. It has a leather sole and a full chrome suede fabric on the shoes assuring you of its good quality. The insole has a cotton lining for added comfort for those long hours of ballet classes. It has a simple ribbon string design that makes it cute without disrupting its main purpose.

The Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe fits snugly and will adjust accordingly throughout extended use. A drawstring running across the bridge of the foot secures your daughter’s feet. It is crucial to keep it in place so your kid can focus on learning the proper ballet form instead of worrying if her shoes are slipping off.

The Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe comes in three colors: ballet pink, black and white. They also offer free returns if the sizing is off.

Bloch Dance Girl’s Bunnyhop Full Sole Leather Ballet Slipper/Shoe

  $11.75 – $28.95

This is the perfect ballet shoe for beginners. It has a simple yet practical design. The leather insole helps in extended tiptoeing as it provides a cushion when your daughter flattens her feet on the floor.  The leather outsole adds an additional cushion for her feet and will help in avoiding slipping.

It is very durable because leather is the main material for the shoe. There is a garter to secure your toddler’s feet in place no matter how much they dance or move around. The bunny design on the insole adds a charm for the brand.

The Bloch Dance Girl’s Bunnyhop Full Sole Leather Ballet Slipper/Shoe is only available in ballet pink.

LONSOEN Ballet Slipper Shoes


                 This whole shoe has been practically designed with every corner of the shoe serving a purpose. The cotton canvas used provides more comfort and more permeable. This can be very helpful especially for a few hours of ballet class.

On the other hand, the fabric in the toe area is made out of pigskin. This is more durable and will last longer than faux-leather which other manufacturers use for ballet shoes. The separate stitching gives it a higher quality than those that use just one whole material for the shoes.  Cowhide makes up the sole which makes it long lasting.

The Lonsoen Ballet Slipper Shoes has five different colors you can choose from. They offer returns on some sizes and colors so get one now for your princess.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best ballet clothes for toddlers around. Your daughter will be ready on her first day of ballet classes. Remember this will give her a confidence boost if she wears a complete, adorable ballet outfit. It is important that you did your research before just getting the first available one. After all, we all want the best for our children!

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Best Ballet Clothes For Toddlers Perfect For Your Daughter

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