Boy Dancewear: Dance Class Outfits

It is very easy to dress up our girls! You have costumes readily available and adorable dresses any girl can easily put on. Even their exercise clothes are can’t go wrong. Formal, casual, or even sports attires would look good in any young lady. On the other hand, it’s a different story for boys. We need a boy dancewear refresher.

It takes a little more time before you familiarize yourself with dressing up your little man. By now, you have already mastered casual outfits, school attired and those sweet formal attires. Dressing them up for sports will not be a problem too since there is many shops that sell baseball or basketball uniforms fit for toddlers.

However, if they have recently discovered dancing and want to take lessons, you might want to dress them appropriately with the best boy dancewear available. We know that this is an unchartered territory for some moms so we are here to help out. Here are some tips and tricks for boy dancewear that your son will love. Hang on tight because dressing up our sons should be as fun as dressing up our princesses!

What is the best boy dancewear for ballet?

The common misconception with ballet is that only girls do it. Nevertheless, there are still male ballet dancers performing all over the world. Yes, ballet dancers can be male and they are highly respected in the world stage. Female ballerinas usually wear tights and tutus. Male ballets dancers, on the other hand, dress differently.


Some stores have specialized fabrics for boy dancewear if you worry if these tights might a little exposed for your son. Here are the best products online that would fit your toddler comfortably and appropriately.

Capezio Big Boys’ Tactel Footed Tight, $29.52 – $32.53

Your son will feel more than comfortable in these tights because he can wear these all day. This is made out of 92% tactel nylon and 8% Lycra spandex so it will remain stitched for those high kicks and air splits. It is made out of the most suitable fabric combination so he doesn’t have to worry about accidents that might tear his pants.

After getting this, you will no longer have to slave over hand washing boy dancewear if your son has daily ballet lessons. This is perfectly safe for machine wash. It also dries 8 times quicker than common fabrics like cotton! You can always be on the go and not worry on what to wear.

The Capezio Big Boys’ Tactel Footed Tight comes in black.

Mariia Boys Viggo Convertible Dance Tights, $29.30

The Mariia Boys Viggo Convertible Dance Tights lay mid-rise on a one-inch waist band so your son will not worry if the tights will fall off if he’s dancing. The opening on the legs can be footed or footless. The ballet master requires different styles for different levels.

It is convertible so your son can use it twice. This is also the perfect option if you want your son to have more varied options. The Mariia Boys Viggo Convertible Dance comes in black, white and nude.

boy dancewear

Leotard Tank

Tights are not the only specialized boy dancewear for ballet. Leotard tanks are necessary so he can move freely without restrictions of sleeves or non-stretchable fabrics. Here are some leotard tanks perfect for ballet practices.

N-Dance Athletic Tank, $15.99 – $19.99

Other kids or parents prefer plain tops so they spot easily or to easily combine it with other clothing. The N-Dance Athletic Tank has three different color options available. They have black, grey and white. It looks good with any kind of tights.

You son can do whatever ballet move he has to do because it is made out of 82% nylon and 18% spandex. It has a four-way stretch so if the other limb is stretching too much, the other side will not tear. Aside from ballet classes, you son can also use this for gymnastics, exercising or yoga. This very easy to maintain! Just throw it in the machine and you’re good to go!

Get the N-Dance Athletic Tank now.

GK Elite Gymnastics Competition Shirt

Who knew super heroes dance ballet? If don’t know, your son surely would. Make ballet rehearsals fun and get your son this perfect boy dancewear GK Elite Gymnastics Competition Shirt.

This fabric is made out of 82% polyester and 18% together with Polytek and Subfuse Sublimated fabrics. If it is used on floor mats or grips, pilling can occur so this perfect for ballet practices. There is a mesh back panel for better breathability.

Get the GK Elite Gymnastics Competition Shirt now.

Ballet Shoes

There is a surprisingly wide variety of ballet shoes for boys. It is fairly easy to look for designs for girls because they are the most common but if you look patiently enough, you’ll find the perfect pair for your little boy. He will surely be tiptoeing in no time!

Sansha Pro Split Sole Canvas Ballet Flat, $6.49 – $27.99

Sansha Pro is one of the best, if not the very best, brands of ballet flats worldwide. It is no wonder they have sizes 2.3-3 in kids and as big as 14.5-15. Pros were the main market for these flats but beginners can start wearing the best flats early on.

It is made of lightweight canvas with double lining so you can use it for a long time without worrying about the stitches. Elastic straps are used to secure the open area so it won’t come off easily. The split sole ballet shoe is pioneered by this brand that gives comfort to amateur and pro-dancers worldwide. This is the perfect shoe for your toddler without breaking the bank.

The Sansha Pro Split Sole Canvas Ballet Flat comes in black, white and tan. Get it now.

 Angelo Luzio Total Stretch Canvas Ballet Flat, $22.00

Angelo Luzio is one of the prominent names in making ballet shoes aside from Sansha Pro. It also has a split sole. This makes it more comfortable to be en pointe. Each shoe is designed to snugly fit each foot. When your entire son’s weight falls into his feet there is extra cushion and cotton in the insole for better support.

The Angelo Luzio Total Stretch Canvas Ballet Flat is available in black, white and tan. They are also washing machine safe so you can just toss them in after a long day of rehearsals!

boy dancewear

What will my son wear for jazz practice?

Now that you have several options for boy dancewear if you son wants to explore ballet. How about if he wants to explore jazz dancing? There are toddler jazz outfits available for you however unique your style is!

Jazz Pants

If you want your son to explore jazz, you better do it right. Jazz pants are important to showcase the unique movements of jazz and be comfortable at the same time. Listed below are jazz pants that can perfectly fit toddlers.

  Body Wrappers Boy’s Jazz Comfort Dance Pants, $26.44 – $32.00

It is important to have the right kind of fabric whenever wearing jazz pants. These Body Wrappers Boy’s Jazz Comfort Dance Pants have cotton and Lycra. It is made specifically for boys. The fit is very well tailored.

It only comes in black because this is the common color of pants fabric during jazz performances. They are very lightweight and durable perfect for a long day of practice. Get it here now.

B Dancewear Boys Jazz Pants ,$34.99

The B Dancewear Boys Jazz Pants is 100 percent made out of Lycra. It is the best fabric for dancing.  With its slim fit design made specifically for boys, these pants can also be used for other dances such as ballroom and ballet!

These pants are handmade in the USA. You are sure that for its price, you are purchasing anything substandard and you are not sacrificing the quality of boy dancewear you buy for your toddler. The B Dancewear Boys Jazz Pants have over 200 colors available for you! Get one (or two) now.

Choose only the best jazz pants for your toddler because this is a good investment if he wants to take jazz for seriously.

 Jazz Shoes

Just like ballet, there are different forms and movements for jazz dance that cannot be achieved without wearing the right kind of shoe. Jazz shoes are needed so your son will be able to flex his foot well which cannot be done using regular shoes. Beware of wholesale products claiming to be jazz shoes as the may do more harm than good when used on the dance floor.

boy dancewear

Capezio Little Kid Jazz Shoe, $30.79 – $53.91

This leather jazz shoe with synthetic sole is the perfect starting shoe if your son wants to explore jazz. These come in four colors such as black, suntan, caramel and tan so he will not have to stick to black all the time.

The Capezio Little Kid Jazz Shoe sits just right at the ankle level of your toddler’s feet. This gives ample support and comfort for his feet. Placed on the arch on the sides of the feet is a stretchable fabric to support your toddler’s foot whenever it needs to bend.

Get the Capezio Little Kid Jazz Shoe to make sure that the quality of his jazz shoe will not be compromised.

Dance Class GB 100 Jazz Shoe

The Dance Class GB100 Jazz Shoe is made of leather of superior quality and a synthetic sole that provides traction on the dance floor. The split synthetic soles allow better step coordination for your son whenever he’s jazz dancing.

There is also a neoprene wrap place in the insole on the shoe to make sure it hugs the natural curves of your son’s foot. The low heel provides added stability for the dancer. Get your son the Dance Class GB 100 Jazz Shoe so he can start showing you those jazz moves.

Now that you have an idea on what your son would wear for jazz classes, he will be more confident on the floor! If he grows to love this form of art, you may start getting him more intricately design costumes.

What will my son wear for tap dancing?

Initially, your son will find tap dancing a little bit more fun than the other form of dance. Tap dancing, although very complicated and amusing to watch, can be loads of fun for children who are introduced to it. These are like tippy toes at first but when your sons levels up on his dance moves, he need the perfect tap dancing boy dancewear.

  Tap Dance Shoes

boy dancewear

 Tap dancing creates its charm through the rhythmic sounds made by tapping shoes on the floor. Here are some adorable tap dance shoes perfect for your little one.

Bloch Kid’s Dance Now Economy Jazz Tap Shoes, $30.95 – $40.95

These taps shoes are created to maximize the space of the sole of the shoes but still maintaining the traction so your son will not slip while wearing it. The taps used are riveted on the soles of the shoe so they will not come off no matter how your son tap dances.

The wide coverage of the shoe allows more sound to be released whenever tapping. You can get the Bloch Kid’s Dance Now Economy Jazz Tap Shoes in black.

Capezio Boy’s 442 Tapster Tap Shoe, $24.99

Now, Capezio is a reputable brand when it comes to all things dance. Their tap shoe remains at the same quality as their other products so if you get this for your son, it is money well spent.

The whole shoe is made of synthetic material as well as its sole. The lace used to tie up the shoe secures your toddler’s feet well.  Foam is placed in the insole of the shoe for utmost comfort. An area on the sole of the shoes has been covered with rubber to avoid slipping. The taps are place conveniently at the heels and balls of the shoe to maximize the creation of tap sounds.

You may have the Capezio Boy’s 442 Tapster Tap Shoe in both black and tan.

These are several beginner boy dancewear you son might need.  No need to pressure yourself in completing the whole set whatever form of dance he may choose. The best preparation you can do is motivate him well and encourage him to be the best he can be. Also, do you know what to consider in picking a good dance school?

Check these outfits out! It won’t hurt to look great too!


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Boy Dancewear: Dance Class Outfits

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