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Easy Dance Lesson Morning Preparations: Dancing Toddlers

Are you ready to accept the fact that your baby is finally reaching out into the world? This may be the time that your toddler is off to a new adventure through dance. Do you remember any dance lesson you had as a kid? You mom or dad most likely made everything look like it was easy. However, preparation for this new activity for your child requires organization and preparation beforehand. Let us help you deal with dance lesson morning preparations for toddlers to make everything go smoothly.

What are the best morning preparations for you?

dance lesson morning preparations

There is nothing that can prepare you for the world but just having enough patience and sleep. Also, as a parent, I strongly urge you to have some coffee before starting out your day. That’s all: patience, enough sleep, and good coffee, can go a long way when you’re a parent.

What are the best dance lesson morning preparations for toddlers?

Just like any extra-curricular event, your kid needs to prepare. Most of the time, if not always, they will have to deal with other children too. We don’t want to cause feuds or issues during the time they are out of sight.

  1. Let Them Get Enough Sleep

dance lesson morning preparations

Sleeping is not just for adults. Every parent knows that. Toddler need to have the proper rest and brain focus so they can learn from their dance classes well. When your kid is well-rested they can focus their attention towards their dance class. Having enough sleep also helps your toddler any potential injuries while dancing. Kids who get fewer rest and sleep at night tend to be clumsier and uncoordinated. Let your toddler get at least 10 -12 hours of sleep every night. This should also be done even on regular school nights.

  1. Know The Schedule Well

When your child involves himself in another activity, you are too. Make sure that you have confirmed the dance lesson and call time hours. Call times during rehearsals are different from rehearsal hours. Children will undergo disciplinary training in dancing lessons. Part of this form of discipline is to arrive on or before the call time. They should be good to go when rehearsal hours arrive.

One way to adapt to this is having a pre-planned driving route in the morning so you will not lose your way. Also, you can also set other activities for yourself. You can set these hours as your yoga or gym time. Nap or TV time at home wouldn’t hurt either.

  1. Proper Diet

Aside from getting enough sleep, proper diet will be a part of your dance lesson morning preparations. A proper diet for your toddler consists of decent amounts of protein, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and potassium. However, you may not want to fill them up fully before a full dance class. A light snack with small proportions of these foods would be better. They can have slices of bacon, bread and egg, then a fruit after. This will help them have some energy during rehearsals.

Let them bring a tumbler of water during dance classes too. They may opt to have some light snacks during breaks. They can have crackers or a fruit, as long as it is light.

dance lesson morning preparations

Afterward, let them hydrate well and have enough potassium, protein, and fruits, too. Protein helps their muscles. Also, potassium helps in cramping and muscle soreness. Avoid fast food, sweets and sodas during dance lessons and in general, too.

  1. Wear Proper Clothing

Dancing requires your toddler to move freely and confidently. There are different outfits depending on what your child might need. Here are some ballet outfits for girls or other boy dancewear if you have a little boy around.

Moreover, you child should also wear the required shoes. These dances are most of the time performed well with specific shoes in mind. Ballet cannot be performed without ballet shoes. Also, tap dancing and jazz dancing will not be performed properly without their respective shoes.

  1. Always Bring Extra Clothes and Emergency Kit

Besides wearing the right kind of clothing, keep in mind during the rehearsal that they will be sweating and rolling all over the place. They cannot go home staying in their messy clothes. Always carry with you and extra set of clothing. These can depend on where you’re going next. Bring home clothes if you’re going home or bring outdoor clothes if you’re planning to eat out afterwards.

In addition to this, insert an emergency kit in your toddler’s bag. This should be strictly a part of your dance lesson morning preparations. An emergency kit consists of the exact set out outfit (not identical is okay) your toddler is wearing. Also, in it should be a small towel, soap, underwear, socks and the back-up dance outfit. Oftentimes, kids have emergencies that we need to attend to. We should always prepare in case that happens.

  1. Hair Grooming

Dancing involves a lot of physical movement. You do not want your child to distract other kids with distracting hair placement. Be considerate of the other toddlers and keep your child’s hair neat and tidy. For toddlers in ballet classes, a bun with a hair net is advisable. For those in other dance classes, they may have the bun too. On the other hand, they may choose to wear a high ponytail, pigtails or braids. Girls are advised to wear hair bands if they have bangs.

dance lesson morning preparations

For boys, it is encouraged if they have a clean cut. If they prefer to wear their hair long, a ponytail during the dance lesson would suffice.

  1. Positive Pep Talk

Before sending out your kid to the dance lesson, give him or her brief pep talk. They are not performing in Broadway or a world-class stage yet. Remind them to do their best but still enjoy the activity. Do not pressure them to perfect or memorize steps immediately. Dancing is meant to be learned gradually and not in a snap of a finger. Always encourage them to stay positive.

These are just some of the dance lesson morning preparations you can do to have a smooth sailing day. We are hoping that these tips will help you early in the day. Is there anything else that you do before sending your toddler out to his or her dance lesson? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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Easy Dance Lesson Morning Preparations: Dancing Toddlers

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