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Hip Hop Class For Toddlers, Enrol Him Today!

Have you ever wanted to enroll your son in extra-curricular activities but can’t find the perfect one? Did you get him a guitar before his guitar lessons? Did that guitar end up in storage? How about piano lessons? Did he lose patience after just a few classes? Sometimes, it can be a little frustrating to find the perfect activity for our children. Hang in there, momma. Have you ever considered hip hop class for toddlers?

Some children just have so much energy in them that other activities would not suffice. Some activities are meant for them to adapt in. However, there are other activities where they would thrive if they personally want that. Before introducing your young son to sports, there are other avenues to explore.

Why hip hop class for toddlers?

Dance is the most common of these. Dancing is for everybody – especially for children who have lots of energy in them. There are different kinds of dances but most of them are too technical for our young ones. Hip hop, on the other hand, allows your kid to improvise and get creative in the dance floor. Hip-hop requires a lot of wide range movements. Your son will not think that he is educating himself with a new dance form but may consider this as a form of play. You may not know it yet but these are a variety of reasons why you should enroll your son in a hip hop class for toddlers.

Regular Physical Activity

                It is our children’s generation that grew up into the digital age without having to experience what we had back then. No biking around the village or playing baseball in the park. Physical activity is limited. Also, it is a chore for them to do it.

In a hip hop class for toddlers; your son will expose himself to a physical activity that he enjoys. A hip hop class usually runs for an hour. Your son will practice to 60 minutes of cardio. This will highly benefit his heart and lungs. Hip hop dancing will make his muscles, his body, and his upper and lower limbs stronger and more flexible. Get ready because you might want to enroll in one too.

hip hop class for toddlers

Physical exercise can be a burden to some who were not exposed to it early on. When your son learns the value of physical activity at a young age, there is a huge chance he will carry this when he gets older. We know we want our babies healthy even if they’re not so young anymore!

Better Socialization Skills

                When your son’s best friend is his iPad you might want to reconsider his free time activities. Enrolling him in a hip hop class for toddlers will give him a chance to interact with kids like him. At an early age, he will learn how to be more attuned to the feelings of others. He will also learn how to be more compassionate towards his peers.

During hip hop performances, he will learn how to cheer on for other kids. There are lots of activities that highlight competition and winning. On the other hand, hip hop dancing will encourage him to get creative with his friends and explore new dance steps.

hip hop class for toddlers

                Your son will become a part of different social circles when he grows up. There will be his colleagues, college friends, high school friends, or other professionals. It is crucial that he knows how to move around in these circles and socialize well.

Goal Setting

Hip hop class for toddlers is not just all fun and games. It is common that the whole class will have a culminating activity showcasing what they have learned from the class.

If your son enters as a beginner, he will work his way up in order for him to dance like his instructors. Every day that he sees more advanced steps, he will be motivated to practice more. Choreography not only entails his physical skills but will also require him to stay focus during the lessons.

Creative Space

                In the present state of our society, art and creativity takes a step back to make room for commerce, the sciences and the likes. However, everybody has a creative side. Kids especially need to have an outlet where they can express themselves and get creative.

In hip hop classes, your son will have a safe, creative space where he will be able to take his mind off of school and worrying about getting perfect grades. He can dance and use his imagination without worrying if it fits the conventional.

hip hop class for toddlers

During hip hop class, he will have a chance to be experimental through dance. He has a chance to break molds and conquer barriers. When children do not have a limit to what they can do, it opens up a lot of opportunities for them when they grow up.

Culturally Diverse

                Hip hop dancing has been on the rise in the 70s and it is only getting more popular. Even street wear has been going into huge fashion houses. Hip-hop dances became popular in the streets but it was developed by classically trained dances who want to break conventions.

If your son is exposed to this level of creativity, he will discover its origins such as African dances, funk, and jazz dancing. He can even get inventive through free styling. By default, you will also get to see him break, pop and lock!

If your son is introduced to this dance with culturally diverse origins, he will learn to respect other people’s cultures. Discovering and respecting other’s people’s cultures is crucial in growing up as a civil person. He will learn to respect differences and celebrate them, as well.

Ready to take on hip hop?

Are you ready to take on the challenge and set your son to hip hop class for toddlers? If so, worry no more because there are more benefits for his well-being that will follow through later. Do you know to to prepare in the mornings to maximize these benefits? For now, you can put that guitar and piano you have in storage. Let him sweat it out first through hip hop. Make sure his outfits give a mad representation of the 90s!

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Hip Hop Class For Toddlers, Enrol Him Today!

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