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How Much Is Typically A Dance Class For Toddlers?

Dancing is a very beneficial activity for little kids. It helps improve their motor skills, coordination, speech, and most of all, self-confidence. This is the reason why parents are so obsessed with dance classes and how soon they can get their toddlers on the dance floor. Although each parent varies on the reason why they send their little ones on a studio, there’s an undeniable and mutual benefit to it. But before the benefits, there’s one question at the back of each guardian’s mind: how much is typically a dance class for toddlers?

Depending on the studio of your choice, dance classes can pretty be affordable. Of course, there are more expensive programs that are worth the bucks. But it’s important to understand that not all parents can shell out such a big extra from their pockets. So before you shy away from your prospective dance class, let’s do some math here including some factors that will affect the pricing.

General rates

Average dance classes cost about $40 to $160 a month depending on some factors we’re going to discuss later on. This fee may or may not cover other nominal charges including recitals, playbills, costumes, and registration. There could be dance packages in a studio where you can avail discounts or save some dollars if you enroll your kid on a longer program. Still, this will vary per studio. Imposing a specific pricing for a certain class is quite hard to do since every studio will have rates of its own.

how much is typically a dance class for toddlers
 Sample pricing from toddler classes of American Dance Institute

So far, if you choose a medium-sized studio, the monthly fees shouldn’t be as big as $200 per month for a single class. This is in the case of traditional studios. If your child’s goal is to have dancing as a hobby, you can look for a class offered in gyms and local centers. So how much is typically a dance class for toddlers? It depends on this factor.

Per class vs. monthly fee

Dance class prices will usually come in two types: per class or monthly charge. Per class pricing is usually a choice of parents who don’t foresee their child to be committed long-term on a class. It could probably be during the summer when the kid is out of playschool or if there’s no certainty if the parent can sustain the program. This is also a low-risk option for parents worried about their kids dropping out of the class in the middle of the month.

Monthly fees, on the other hand, can be more affordable in the long run. It could be discounted compared to per class rates. Still, it depends on the discretion of the studio.

Both this method of payment has its pros and cons. Make sure that you know what you can afford before enrolling in any class.

Factors affecting the cost

Although general pricing will likely be the usual matrix followed by most studios, it’s important to remember some factors that may affect the cost of a dance class. So how much is typically a dance class for toddlers? Here are some that you’ll possibly encounter.

Frequency of lessons

The frequency of dance lessons for toddlers can vary from once a week or more. The number of classes per week or month will dictate the range of fees you will have to pay. If you’re availing a per class payment, you’ll surely have to shell out more if your child is attending multiple sessions a week. And since there are other factors that will also play a role in the pricing, the frequency of classes is only one of the possible determinant of the cost.

The good thing here is you can control the frequency of lessons your child may take, for per-class payment, at least. Most studios will allow you to tailor the program to suit your schedule and budget. Proper inquiry and negotiation will seal this deal.

Instructor rates

Two dance classes with the same duration and program can differ in prices depending on the instructor rates. Some dance teachers have degrees on dancing which will make their fees higher than those who don’t. Having a professional teacher is good for your child; however, you should be ready to pay more. If you don’t have the resources, looking for self-taught instructors will be more affordable for you.

how much is typically a dance class for toddlers

Dance students who are looking to earn some money on the side would be excellent teachers too if your goal is for your child to have a hobby of dancing. Most likely, your toddler would only be a beginner and having a highly professional teacher won’t be needed right away. Private tutorials like this would allow you to work within a budget and find an instructor that can accommodate your pricing.  It’s one thing to consider if you’re thinking about how much is typically a dance class for toddlers.

Type of studio

This one is actually a no-brainer. If you choose an upscale and elite dance studio, the cost of lessons would definitely be higher. However, some expensive dance classes are worth the money if you want a well-structured program for your child. A more expensive dance studio will also have complete facilities to ensure your kid’s safety while attending the class.

But don’t underestimate the quality of more affordable studios. There are local centers and gyms that offer dance classes for a measly fee without sacrificing the learning process. Although the facilities could be a bit limited, your child will still learn some grooves without breaking the bank.

It’s important that you pay a visit to your prospective studios to see if it’s worth the money. If the facilities are dilapidated, don’t waste any moment and look for another one.

Type of program

Are you planning to enroll your little one on an exclusive class or a traditional one? An exclusive class where your child is assigned to a teacher will cost more, of course. However, this is in exchange for full attention and quality teaching. The only downside here is your toddler won’t have the chance to interact with other kids which is important in developing his social skills.

So how much is typically a dance class for toddlers usually? Traditional dance classes will cost you as little as $40 a month. This includes one or two lessons per week or more depending on the package you availed.

If the program will be long and highly structured, take note that even traditional studios can charge more. It’s just a matter of knowing what program you’re diving into. You wouldn’t want to be slapped with hefty fees in the end.

Dance style

The more common the dance style is, the cheaper the classes will be. Modern grooves like ballet, hip-hop, and jazz are very in demand, thus saving you lots of money from high competition and low costs. Also, there’s a chance that your toddler would be more interested in these modern dance types as they are exposed to upbeat music.

On the other hand, rare classes like rumba, cha-cha, ballroom, and African dance will likely cost more. These aren’t common for toddlers, even for grown-ups, and finding a quality teacher will force you to stretch your budget even more. Anyway, beginner classes for little kids would surely be more affordable if you’re keen to immerse your child in these types of dances.

how much is typically a dance class for toddlers

To give you a contrast, hip-hop dances will cost around $10 per session while African dances can be as much as $25 for the same duration. This is how much is typically a dance class for toddlers.

Performances and recitals

Aside from the lesson proper, there would be “extra” fees that you’ll be subjected to. Included on this are recitals and performances where the parents have to contribute to the venue and costumes. There would also be playbills, posters, and promotions that might be added to the overall pricing. Although you wouldn’t have to pay for this right away, these are still expenses associated with your child’s classes.

It’s important that you assess if your child would want to have performances in the future. If not, then it will save you some money but your child will miss the chance to perform in a crowd and boost his self-confidence.

Take note that recitals will pressure your child at some point. If he’s not amenable to it, might as well look for a hobby program instead.


So you were able to pay the monthly fee and register your child on a quality studio. But this isn’t the end of the story. You’ll have to buy dancing clothes including shoes, leggings, tutus, and more. Almost all types of modern dances have dedicated shoe types to ensure that your child’s foot will be far from injuries.

For example, a pair of ballet shoes will cost about $15 to $70 depending on the brand. Tap and jazz shoes tend to be more expensive due to the material used to it. It’s an addition to how much is typically a dance class for toddler.

Some programs with recitals will ask for another set of costumes for the performance. So aside from the upfront fees, these nominal charges will increase the overall cost of the dance program.

If the studio sells the clothes and shoes, you might save more money than purchasing it online.

Location of studio

One thing that directly impacts the cost of dance classes is the location of the studio. Cost of living and taxes are just some of the sub-factors here. Here’s the deal: a dance studio in Indiana would be cheaper than the one found in New Jersey. Salary rates per state and area are also affecting how much the studio will charge.

If you live in a large city and close to a studio, you’ll enjoy the benefit of competition, low prices, and cheaper fares. Meanwhile, studios located in remote towns might charge a higher fee due to its exclusivity on the place.

Large cities may offer both cheap and expensive studios. If you’re torn between the one found on an upscale downtown, you might want to consider another studio that’s far from the expensive center of town. That’s important when contemplating about how much is typically a dance class for toddlers.


Like what dance studios say, “pirouettes can go pirou-wrong”. It’s best to choose a dance studio covered with an insurance so whatever happens to your kid, you can demand answers (financially and legally). Injuries can happen while on the dance floor or when kids go rogue at each other. Just remember that the studio might also incur some of these charges on the fees you’re going to pay.

how much is typically a dance class for toddlers

Although insurance will take its toll on the cost, you’re assured that your kid is protected whatever happens. Of course, you can gamble with a studio that doesn’t have any insurance policy, but you’ll never know when accidents strike.

Unlike other factors, you don’t have any control over insurance. If the studio is cover by it, you can’t ask that the portion be removed from the fees. After all, it’s like waving their liability to your child’s safety.

How to get the best price

How much is typically a dance class for toddlers? Dance classes have varying prices. If this is your first time to inquire about dance studios, you can do two things to get the best cost.

Compare prices

A smart parent will always compare prices – from a box of cereal up to various dance studios. Through this, you’ll have a bigger picture of the cost vis-a-vis the offered program. Cheap classes are tempting to grab, but check if the coverage is worth the savings. If it won’t teach your kid well, investing more should be an option. Always stick to quality than quantity. Don’t settle on the first studio you get to see.

Check dance packages

Like what I said earlier, dance class packages would likely be cheaper if you look at the bigger picture. The good thing about packages is they offer a whole dance experience instead of paying per class and per equipment that your child will use.

So how much is typically a dance class for toddlers? Go check out your local studio!

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How Much Is Typically A Dance Class For Toddlers?

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