Toddler Dance School: Picking The Best

You want the best of the best when choosing a place where our child can learn new life skills, especially when choosing a toddler dance school. These life skills are not just taught to them randomly and carelessly. You have to make sure that it comes from a reputable institution. These institutions mold our child when they are not at home. More often than not, these schools help in introducing our child into the different facets of society.

When choosing your kid’s academic school, you scrutinized every detail such as whether the teachers have received their master’s degree or if the school cafeteria’s lunch ladies wear hair nets. When people look from the outside, it may seem like crazy criteria for judging. However, as parents looking in, we understand how these minor details affect how our children grow up. How much more if they spend hours with these individuals and not just during lunchtime?

Some of the elder people our kid interacts with aside from family and teacher are their extra-curricular mentors. Some of them might be sports coaches, singing mentors or if your toddler is into dancing, their dancing instructor. These different aspects contribute to your main goal which is to find a good toddler dance school that meets your standards.

How do you find a decent toddler dance school? How do you make sure that it is not just all about the money? Here are some factors to consider.

What is your end goal for your toddler?

                Professional Dancing

                Some parents aim to develop their kid into professional dancers someday. This level of education is necessary when you want your child to become a part of a world-class organization of performers. This is also helpful when your child wants to be a dance educator someday – but that is something you have yet to find out. If you want your child to perform in concertos or have performances in major dance halls worldwide, you have to choose the best dance school in your city, if not, your country.

toddler dance school

                Expect higher rates when choosing a dance school of this quality. These could even be more expensive than his academic school. You should also expect a very exclusive form of the admission process. If they are one of the best, it is expected that they also have the best students under their wing. Get your pockets ready if this is your goal for your toddler.

                Community Schools

If you want a balance of fun between play and dance, there are also intermediate levels of schools available. They will still get to perform in places within the city and will require a weekly rehearsal. However, this will not be at a level where it is at par with the more professional schools.

Expect average monthly rates that will not weigh down your budget. Their admission will not be that exclusive but expect that they only accept a certain number of students. They will, after all, require undivided attention for those who want to learn how to dance.

                In-school Dance Programs

There are also programs that would only last for a month.  If you just want to introduce dance to your toddler, this is perfect. Expect only an hour-long session every other day and no commitment expected for the months ahead. You may try to experiment with other extracurricular activities if your toddler realizes that dancing may not be for him to her.

These short-term programs can be found where your child is enrolled in. They usually offer these during summer so your child will have an option to continue his routine all year long. However, there may only be a limited number of dance options. The most common of these would be ballet and modern dance.

There is a huge possibility that their dance sessions will be in school/ Because of this, your drive or schedule will not be disrupted that much.

At times, introducing your children to a new hobby may be exciting. However, it is crucial that you know the end goal for this new skill you want your child to learn. Value your toddler’s input towards it as well. It is great if they are in it for the long haul. On the other hand, if they choose otherwise, let them explore other activities aside from dancing.

Is the dance school professional, well-equipped, and safe?

                Initially, you check on the reputation and listen to the feedback from parents who have sent their children to a particular school you are eyeing. Afterward, you have to personally visit the school to make sure it reaches your standards. What are the primary things we need to see in the toddler dance school itself?


                The dance school should be professional. It should extend that level of professionalism towards their way of teaching to even communicating with the parents. It is very minor but professional dance institution should be able to offer a clear curriculum on what your children will learn in under their care.

There are community groups that offer dance workshops and they should be professional as well. They should have facilities that provide comfort and safety for their students. They may only be known for a few years or so but they should try to reach the level of an established toddler dance school.

                Well-equipped, safe

                You wouldn’t want to put your child in a situation where they are unsafe. Dancing requires a lot of movement. Your child and his classmates will require plenty of dancing space to go around.

First of all, dancing studios need to have an appropriate floor for dancing. They are usually made out of sheet vinyl or what they call in the dancing industry as “Marley floors.” Marley floors vary in thickness but it ranges from 0.5 inches to 0.22. Marley floors are necessary if you want to enroll your child in ballet.

toddler dance school

                The common flooring you should also look for in a toddler dance school would be sports wood flooring. Sports wood flooring doesn’t allow moisture retention making it safer for your toddler whenever they are dancing. This avoids accidents such as slipping and tripping. It is also sound absorbent making it the ideal floor for forceful steps and movements. Big dance school usually have these types of flooring. You are lucky if you find a starting school with good flooring such as this one.

Another factor to consider especially when enrolling your toddler in ballet would be ballet bars that are appropriate in height. Oftentimes, there are only ballet bars for adults but lack provision for the little ones. These ballet bars could be freestanding or pre-installed in the studio.

Mirrors covering the interior walls are necessary in a toddler dance school so your kid will be able to see himself as he learns and gets better at dancing. Aside from this, they will be able to see their dance instructor teach dance steps. During performances, he students can estimate the distance between them and their fellow students if there are mirrors around. They will also have an idea on how they will look like if there is an audience in front watching them.

These are some of the basic facilities necessary in looking for a good dance school. Oftentimes parents overlook this situation. This is crucial in the daily routine of our toddlers so we should consider this too.

Are the instructors professionally trained to conduct dance lessons?

                Yes, anyone can dance even without formal training. However, when it comes to imparting knowledge on your child, professional experience and education is part of the consideration. It is important to note that training in handling children is different from training in dealing with adults.

toddler dance school

                There are instructors should be able to teach the children through physical examples as well as communicating those verbally. If a person is good at dancing doesn’t necessarily mean they can already teach. Toddlers can be a handful at a time and a dance teacher should be able to handle them gracefully. It’s better it there should be a teacher’s assistant available.

You, as a parent, should be able to ask for a certification or verify the credentials presented by the dance instructors.  You can also discuss with the instructor how your child adapts in classes.

Is the class size apt for their age?

                Toddlers easily get distracted and lose their focus once they get bored. If the toddler dance school has a huge class size, the tendency is the dance instructor will not be able to see if everyone is catching up. If the class size is too big, children lose their focus and tend to play with one another losing sight of the whole purpose of the dance class.

The ideal number would be 20- 30 students depending on the capacity of the studio or capability of the dance instructor. If the dance lessons get harder, the instructor should be able to provide training in small batches.


There are some of the things you should consider when enrolling your child in a toddler dance school. They will be quite handy when enrolling him in other extra-curricular activities as well. Investing in a good school is worth it if your child receives the right kind of training. Well, if it’s for fun, no need to shell out the big bucks. Remember this when choosing your toddler’s outfits too. Always remember to be there for all the recitals and don’t forget to record them!

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Toddler Dance School: Picking The Best

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