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10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Baby Dance Class

Starting your child early on a dance class won’t just make them socially comfortable. Dance among babies is proven to be an excellent way to improve their motor skills and communication. Dancing is also a great method of keeping your babies physically fit. But before you sign up at a studio, you should know what to consider before choosing a baby dance class. It’s a bit tricky than what you actually think.

Unlike bigger toddlers, babies of at least 10 months old can be very sensitive in terms of handling. Their steps are far unstable and their attention spans are shorter. However, this doesn’t mean that they are no longer benefiting from a dance class. In fact, a study in the University of York found that babies found rhythm and tempo to be more engaging than speech. It suggests that babies are born with the innate tendency to move rhythmically, especially to upbeat songs. With that, dancing can be a way for you and your baby to bond.

But before you get on your toes, think about the following aspects:

1. Things your child will learn

Baby dance classes don’t have to be demanding. In fact, it should be as fun as possible to avoid any tantrum incidents. But you should also ensure that your child is learning something from the engagement. Tap dance, ballet, or hip-hop is out of the picture yet. Just ask the studio how the routines will benefit your baby physically, mentally, and socially.

Most of the time, freelance dance is taught to babies that are in the very young phase of being a toddler. It encourages them to be expressive and creative without being contained in a strict routine. Most likely, the studio will target to engage babies on a pattern of movements as well as enhancing their flair of language. That’s what to consider before choosing a baby dance class.

what to consider before choosing a baby dance class

It’s important that your baby gets comfortable as the dance class progresses. Being with other babies and parents will train your child to handle interactions. If your dance class were able to achieve all these, you surely got the value of your money and effort.

2. Schedule and location

A dance studio will have a handful of class schedules to suit parents who are bringing their child. When it comes to baby dance classes where parents are included in the lessons, you should check if the session will fall conveniently on your timetable. You wouldn’t want to send your child with a guardian or a friend. The little one might hesitate to show off his grooves if the parent isn’t around. Not to mention the fit of tantrums, being there is a crucial point in their development.

Another thing is the location. There are studios worth the driving distance, but as much as possible, choose one that’s close to your area. Long drives can make your baby sleepy or grumpy which isn’t a good start for a dance class. Driving a long distance will also consume long hours that could have been dedicated to other chores. As what to consider before choosing a baby dance class, location can affect how your child perceives the activity.

A studio offering a variety of classes will surely offer a schedule that’s convenient for parents. A little bit of research will give you a short list.

3. Safety for babies

Of all the considerations, the number one thing you should check is the safety of the studio. Babies are very inquisitive beings. They will wander around, jump, squirm, and fall. All these situations should be assumed by the studio before they offer a baby dance class program.

Check what type of flooring is used. It’s best to find a studio with raised or sprung floors that will absorb shock when the babies are jumping or falling. Cushion mats are also good in case your local studio doesn’t have special flooring.  It will be excellent if the studio has a composite of vinyl and Marley floor. This type reduces slippage and force in case a baby tumbles. Overall, the area should be well lit and has first-aid on stand-by just in case any untoward incident takes place.

Don’t rely on footwear alone since it has little support to give, almost none when your baby is falling on his knees. Having a baby-friendly dance studio is what to consider before choosing a baby dance class. You’ll never know what your baby’s curiosity can cause.

4. Outfit for the dance class

There are dance studios that won’t mind you showing up in casual clothes. But they might require a special outfit for the babies. Some studios can help parents find the right outfit since ordering online can be quite a pain, especially for fast-growing kids. You can inquire if the studio you are eyeing is also selling shoes and clothes.

what to consider before choosing a baby dance class

The reason why your baby should wear proper dance clothes is a matter of safety. No matter how secure the dance floor is, slippery shoes can send the little one on the floor. Also, it gives babies a unique feeling when they are on their dance clothes. It somehow inspires them to dance more and take part in the class.

However, there’s one crucial point here. You have to check if the material used on the clothes are comfortable. Avoid itchy and non-breathable fabric that will send your kid snatching it out of his body. Cotton never goes old as well as nailing the right shoe size. Too small and it will hurt their little feet; too big will make it loose and slippery.

5. Teaching style

Here’s what to consider before choosing a baby dance class: Babies are a challenge to handle, especially if there are a bunch of them. Although the studio would have more than one teacher in a class, it’s important that you check their teaching style. One of the rising trends in dance teaching nowadays is TAGteach. It stands for Teaching with Acoustical Guidance which is a positively reinforced method of teaching among various ages.

Most often, TAGteach doesn’t use language, something that’s suitable for babies. It banks on the science of behavior where a “tag” or an audible beep is used each time a task is accomplished. In the case of babies, it could be a jump or a groove. The tag seems to be a scoring point or marker that encourages the little ones to participate and coordinate with their teachers. As a parent, TAGteach also helps in assisting your child in the class.

There are other excellent teaching practices studios are using. What’s important is it will work for your child. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

6. “Extras” required

What to consider before choosing a baby dance class? As much as you see classes as a past time for your little one, you should also prepare for the potential “extra” that might be needed in the course of the program. These extra things could be expenses or effort that the teachers will be asking from you. Some classes might have some sort of recital in the end that will include the purchase of playbills and another set of costumes.

Other fees may include insurance coverage, annual fees, venue cost, and other nominal charges. Not all studios will have this, but long classes would likely be subjected to some. This is separate from the dance class fees you’re going to pay upfront.

If you choose a mommy and me dance class, you should prepare yourself to be part of the program. This takes a lot of extra effort and time on your end. You’ll groove with your kid and serve as their guide on the sessions. It’s a good way for the two of you to develop a bond. But in case you’re not a fan of this type of class, you can opt for the traditional options.

what to consider before choosing a baby dance class

7. Communication with the studio

A studio that will communicate with your regularly is what to consider before choosing a baby dance class. These people are likely to be concerned about the development of your child and his participation in the class. When you’re still in the process of scouting a class, a studio that has an excellent customer service will speak much about their operations. It’s excellent if the teachers will talk to you about the needs of your child in terms of costumes no matter how busy they seem to be.

An additional staff that will guide you through the process of enrolling and choosing the right class will be helpful. This holistic approach is a statement of their dedication to their classes.

If you’re sending your baby with another guardian, it’s important that the studio has an open line you can contact in case of emergencies. All these will ensure the safety of your child. If anything happens, the studio should be able to alert you right away.

8. Class size

Having a reasonable teacher to student proportion within a class is a determiner of how much your child will be watched over. The best classes are those that have 7 students and one teacher. This ensures that each child is looked after and well-taught. As for the baby dance classes, having an administrator around aside from the teacher will be excellent. Anyway, most dance classes for very young kids will ask the parents to join them over. Still, that’s part of what to consider before choosing a baby dance class.

Smaller classes also reduce the distraction of your baby. As you know, it only takes one crying kid to send a roomful of babies throwing a fit of tantrums. The hassle would be lessened if the class is smaller. It also allows an exclusive connection between the teachers and the babies so they would be more comfortable in the environment.

If your baby is shy, a small class will allow him to adjust slowly. This is will be an excellent introductory class if you intend to enroll him in a more advanced session in the future.

9. The length and program structure

Babies as young as one year old should be enrolled in a class not exceeding 45 minutes. This short timeframe is more likely to be productive based on their attention span and mood. Babies may get tired and sleepy easily, so less than an hour of jumping and grooving will be enough.

what to consider before choosing a baby dance class

The length of the class is a vital factor you should consider. There’s no point to enroll your baby in a two-hour session only to drain and send him in a bad mood for the entire day. As much as possible, you would want to make the classes exciting and something to look forward to. Of all the mentioned points, this is the most important on what to consider before choosing a baby dance class.

Yet, it’s also about quality above quantity. The structure of the program should be well-thought of. It should transmit concepts and techniques to the baby students without supercharging them. The start should be easy and freelance to allow the baby to express himself and be comfortable. Avoid highly structured classes that will restrict your baby too much.

10. Guardian/parent involvement

If you’re a hands-on mom or dad, you probably want to be part of the dance class with your baby. In fact, a lot of parents are doing this to enhance the bond with their kids and spend quality time with them. There are dance classes like the popular “mommy and me” where the guardians join the kids on the dance floor. It allows the parent to monitor the progress of their child firsthand.

Being involved in the dance class doesn’t always mean you have to show your grooves. Talking to the teacher or the studio about your baby’s progress or what’s needed is important. Don’t treat a dance class as a way to buy time off your babysitting chores. Make sure that it’s also benefiting your child in the process.

Do you have some points to add on what to consider before choosing a baby dance class? Let us know below!

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10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Baby Dance Class

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